Secret Passages of Paris

A few weeks ago, one of my friends took the initiative to set up a wonderful little jaunt around Paris for us. It was a tour of the Secret Passages of Paris. These passages, many long forgotten, were once the stomping grounds of the elite, but are now mostly dusty and forgotten… and strangely prone to housing toy stores and used book shops. These passages were the precursors to the modern shopping mall, but with the advent of “les grands magasins” at the turn of the century, they began a steady rate of declidne in foot traffic as they were not as convenient as the grands magasins, nor as accessible as their street-front counterparts. That said, it makes for a beautiful tour of Haussmanian architecture.

Here is our tour, along with a high-def MS Paint illustration.
(1) Passage des Princes (2e)
(2) Passage Verdeau (2e)
(3) Passage Jouffroy (2e)
(4) Passage des Panoramas (2e)
(5) Passage Choiseul (2e)
(6) Galerie Vivienne (1e)
(7) Galerie Vérot Dodat (2e)
(8) Passage du Bourg l’Abbé (2e)
(9) Passage du Grand Cerf (2e)
(10) Passage Ben Aiad (2e)
(11) Passage du Caire (2e)
(12) Passage du Ponceau (2e)
(13) Passage du Prado (10e)


About Christina from Pristiner

Hi! I'm a software exec by day and travel junkie by night. I was living in country #3 before my 3rd birthday, and haven't slowed down much since. Oh, and I also have an adorable daughter whom I am trying to force to be tri-lingual (English, French, and Chinese).
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6 Responses to Secret Passages of Paris

  1. Sue says:

    I’m going to use this on a trip to Paris soon; thanks!

  2. ontheoriginofboobies says:

    My pleasure, Sue!

  3. Joyce says:

    Hi! I love your list and map. Can you estimate how long the walk is? Is this something you’ll be busy with all day?
    Greetings, Joyce

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  6. ruby2128 says:

    The Paris Passages are AWESOME! I stayed at the Hotel Chopin in the P. Verdeau which links to P. Panoramas and P. Jouffroy. Great posting … there are several that I have not visited. Am ready now!

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